The pages of Pastel Defender Heliotrope are drawn originally for potential artbook reproduction.
Why not? Unicorn Jelly was published , so at this point, I am willing to believe in the possibility of almost anything. Some readers have asked to see the details that web-publication in size-reduced Jpeg format loses.
So, here are selected close-ups of the lost detail of the paintings that make up the pages of Pastel Defender Heliotrope. All close-ups have been specifically asked for by fans.

The Blueline Special MK 2 Landbus from Page 10

The Standard Blueline Landbus from Page 12

The Same Landbus with Chartreuse exiting for home from Page 13

Dr. Aoi dragging the box with Heliotrope in it from Page 3

The Three-Pod Two-Seat SportWing from Page 8

The Senryoku skydocks from Page 11

The Araphel comic in Fuschia hands on page 17

The people Aoi saw on page 21

The External Pressure Gauge on page 22

The bottle of hair color from page 25

The Dimensional Integrity Gauge from Page 27

The Tree Chase from Page 32

The shelves of C-Mart from Page 34

The ring-creature over the sea from Page 37

The Elemental Transmogrification Failure from Page 37

The typewriter machine from Page 38

The bookcase from Page 43

The writing on the base of the giant statue from Page 53

The "Mall" in Shushoku from Page 63

The Concretonic Black Mine from Page 64

Fuschia's ungainly flight in the mine from Page 65

The Myrmidonian / Myrmillian Poster from Page 72

The Comic Book Cover from the Chapter Six Divider

The Drink Monthenor sign from Page 89

The mysterious CURSOR from Page 103

The hyper-advanced CHOU 3000 Computational Heuristic Organocrystalline Unit from Page 106

The garden in the age-accumulated sand drift from Page 107

The abandoned Veil-Powered super-tech multi-Worldplate civilization from Page 107

Probos Bister's locket with a picture of the Jellese slave Fetchenevets from Page 109

The Gunship cargo hatch from Page 112

Faraway view of Gunship Green Four from Page 114

Fuschia's Speed Mule Delivery Transped from Page 115

An animated image of Fuschia contemplating, from Page 117

The Chatoyant Seven antenna, from Page 119

The newsroom clocks, from Page 120

Pastellian money, from Page 122

Chartreuse's Crimson-Powered Attack Helmet, from Page 122

The inner mechanical workings of Chartreuse's Crimson-Powered Attack Helmet, from Page 123

The airial view of the mess caused by that same helmet, from Page 124

CURSOR's comic book, from Page 148

CURSOR's modelling of a Dai-Saan Triangle, from Page 149

CURSOR's Tryslmaistan game controller, from Page 150

Heliotrope crashing into a building, from Page 152

The natural, native landscape of Pastel, from Page 163

Fetchenevets pops the hatch, from Page 169

Landing hard as Gold Six topples over, from Page 169

Cymru Continent, from Page 172

The Nakimono Island Historical Landfall Site, from Page 172

Umor Airship, from Page 172

Heliotrope interviewed at school, from Page 174

Hannya leaving dock at Cymru, from Page 174

Hannya Nakimono's DuoPod Racer, from Page 174

The 'Mecha Slime' robot, from Page 175

The 'Mecha Slime' robot plugging in, from Page 175

CURSOR's new body in a tank, from Page 189

Aoi carves a new doll, from Page 191

Fuschia tries to catch the falling Omnipitor, from Page 191

Fuschia and Heliotrope's farm house, from Page 198

Hannya's last painting, from Page 198

Heliotrope tills land, from Page 198

Cerul's colony ship, from Page 200

The origin of the Omnipitor, from Page 205

Post-Upload Fuschia/CURSOR transformation, from Page 209

K'chk, last of the Ktlikitkak, on its throne, from Page 220

K'chk, another view, from Page 220

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