The ancient series 1636 Machine Slime, or 'Mecha Slime', is a robotic creature capable of various remote repair, observation and maintenance tasks. Compact, surprisingly sturdy, and versatile, the Mecha Slime (so named because among the Jellese, their partner species the Slimes act as constructors, cooks, and manufacturers) is actually more akin to the crystal-hulled, beach dwelling Scut-Scut in design.

These robotic workers were the product of a primarily Jellese design company about a century before the age most readers refer to the time of the 'Floaty Butt-Covers', the era that existed immidiately prior to a Tryslmaistan version of Singularity. This is reflected in the logo on the side of the machine, which is written in the Jellese language.

The Mecha Slime can be operated by remote terminal, direct interface, or even by voice command in both human and Jellese language. It has a functional vocabulary of roughly 2000 concepts by which it can be made to perform tasks using fairly complex commands. For its time, it was a marvel of purely mechanical engineering, and became commonplace, with many models and choices in color and special functions.

 CURSOR would have had to carefully navigate this model up through dozens of levels of the abandoned museum, rushing its faulty battery from plug to plug, just to keep it running. Why would this machine even have a power plug in a universe where ambient power is a universal fact?

Because by the age in which it was constructed, countless Veils, the natural source of all electanic energy in Tryslmaistan, had already been completely tapped, leaving large sections of the universe sitting in electanic shadows. In such shadows, it became necessary to run power lines and establish means to provide energy for machinery, should it be required to enter such abandoned places.

As one would expect, buildings suited for human and Jellese occupation would also have localized electanic broadcast systems, to flood the energy all life requires to survive in Tryslmaistan, and such does exist in the museum in which CURSOR is trapped. However, like most of the structure...this system has broken down, and cannot naturally repair, because of being in a vast electanic shadow.

CURSOR was fortunate merely to find one machine in the museum that could still be made to operate, thus what must have been a torturous climb up to the Crystallic Computation Devices Hall.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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