Pastellians use a day divided into nine equal portions, which they unsurprisingly call hours. The Pastel hour is divided into nine minutia, and the minutia are subdivided further into units called secondis, of which there are 81. The Pastellian day would be the equivalent of 25 hours and 11 minutes long by earth time, if they even knew how we measure time on earth at all. In Pastel there is no day or night, and outdoor light is constant save for what shadow one can find on the slightly dimmer Twiland side of the rectilinear continents.

The Triumvirate has ordered that each nearby rectiland of the Five Triumvirals should be one hour offset from the capitol continent of Shushoku for reasons that have never been adaquately explained even to the administration itself; the leading theory is that it was the result of a political dispute gone horribly wrong some 150 years in the past. Efforts have been made to correct the sheer foolishness of this matter of timekeeping, but tradtion and law are blind, deaf, and ultimately dumb masters.

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