Of note in this Gunship cargo hatch are the mechanisms that make it work.

In the dark open panel on the wall of the hatchway, as well as on the hatch mechanisms themselves,
can be seen the green, nerve-like strands of concretonized Chatoyance used not unlike wires in Pastellian
Chatoyant technology. The bright orange globes are of course Chatoyant Orange, which act as motors,
in that Orange Concretons produce rotational motion when stimulated. The large circular port with a central
orange concreton in the middle acts as a servomechanism for the door deeper inside the hatchway.

The handles on the walls are there because it is to be remembered that beyond the influence of a rectiland,
the entire airy void of Pastel is in Zero-P, which is to say, is devoid of any gravity-like phenomena, thus those aboard
a gunship are in perpetual freefall until it docks completely with a continent.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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