The Jellese of Tryslmaistan ( see Unicorn Jelly ) did not do as well as the humans did, when
both species ended up in the cosmos of Pastel. The Jellese were extremely dependent on the
unique physics of the Tryslmaistan universe, which greatly supplimented their formless, shapeless
crystalline biology. Without the biological support of Tryslmaistan Electanic Charge, the Jellese
found it impossible to survive as they did, manufacturing internal organs only as needed, limbs
only as required, all for very little energy cost. In short, they quickly began to starve.

A solution was found by adaptation: the Jellese for the first time created essentially permanent organs
inside their bodies, and came to depend on containers and artificial bones to support a limited
set of extruded limbs. One such arrangement is shown above, a typical upper-class 'House Jelly' roller-basin,
with jointed, metal skeleton arms. The Jellese so contained could propel itself by turning the central
wheel of the tricycle basin, and use the entire structure to support itself. Such a conveyance permitted
the poor enslaved Jellese of Pastel to perform labor of all kinds for their human masters.

The greatest chain of slavery is a constant fear of death, and without a constant supply of food, carried
within the rolling basins not unlike fuel, the Jellese had initially had little hope to escape. Worse,
there was little in this new universe that they could eat, and all of that came from minerals mined from
deep under the rectilands. Thus things remained, for two centuries...

Until the great revolt.

The Jellese retained two things about themselves from their native universe of Tryslmaistan:
one was their incredible lifespan, vastly longer than any human being could grasp, and
the other was a nearly perfect memory. A Jellese never forgets.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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