The angular, pyramidal units have articulated leg-like structures hanging below. It is possible that they could walk as well as fly, certainly the rounded opposing 'bugs' must have flown. There is some suggestion, according to Dr. Aoi, that the pyramids may have had a self-destruct capacity; he found exploded columns to which a pair of clamping 'legs' were still attached. The many craters seemed to be created by numerous causes, some seemed melted, others appeared the result of impact or explosion, and some... of utterly unknown causality.

One of Dr. Aoi's pet theories was that the vast mass of the pyramids were attempting to guard or protect the one he was drawn to, that it may have been either a leader... or a payload - perhaps to be delivered to the curious hive-like fortress. After having seen the powers of the Omnipitor, the idea of it being a bomb-like device seemed increasingly likely to him.

Here is Dr. Aoi's private sketches, made shortly after arriving back home. He shared them with no one, although much later he re-drew them for the benefit of Hannya, Fuschia, and Heliotrope.

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