The CX-01 "Hydra" Crimson Attack Helmet was developed after anecdotal reports of runaway Jellese slave colonies were verified. The concept behind such an odd weapon was to provide a virtually hands-free single or multiple target crowd extermination device. The side roundels can be twisted open to allow access to the inner workings, which involve easy-to-load slots for raw Chatoyanite to be inserted. Green and Orange Chatoyanite are used to control and power the mechanisms of the helmet. The weapon was designed to be used with raw Chatoyanite, because it was created to be capable of being field-stripped and reloaded using available resources in almost any situation, including unsettled continents.

The actual ammunition,  raw Red Chatoyanite, is inserted into the three adjustable stalks at the top. Each stalk can hold eight Red concretons, for a total of twenty-four individual shots per load. The ordnance can be fired in single shots, in multiple shots of three, our used up in a massive array of flamethrowe-like streamers. The stalks must be aimed manually, by bending them into position. Pointing the stalks in all directions allows for area damage, while concentrating the stalks in one direction allows for concentrated fire.

The actual firing mechanism is located on the silver controls on the sides of the Crimson Attack Helmet. The controls consist of a dial with a button at the center. The left dial can be set like a timer, to fire hands-free at a specific moment, the button is used for manual firing of the weapon.

The right dial is used to set to one of the three modes of attack, single, multiple, or stream, and the button confirms the choice.

The "Hydra" Crimson Attack Helmet was ultimately never accepted as a weapon by the Triumviral Protectors, despite extensive field testing of the original 60 prototype units manufactured. The primary reasons sited were that it was too easy to forget the orientation of the stalks during the heat of action, leading to accidents, and that the 'kick back' from the launch of Chatoyanite projectiles generated neck injuries and terrible head aches. Efforts were made to increase protection to the neck, and to provide a type of mechanical 'heads-up' stalk display to correct these issues, but by then the decision to go with simpler, more easily produced weapons had been made.

The CX-01 experiment was abandoned, and the remaining units, in various states of repair, were sent off to Prot Surplus shops as part of a larger shipment of slightly defective boots.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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