The Pastellian form of currency is called the Ril, which is unsurprizing because of their distant connection to the people of Tryslmaistan. The Ril is a largish rectangular coin, made of various cheap metals that have been mixed with finely ground Chatoyanite to make them shine and glow. The square 10 Ril piece is sometimes called the 'pocket warmer' because its ruddy hue derives from minute particles of Chatoyant Red. The more rectangular 50 Ril piece is often played with by mesmerized drunks in bars, because it will spin on a flat surface far longer than would be expected, due to the presence of Chatoyant Orange. The very rectangular 100 Ril piece is very bright because of Chatoyant Yellow content. Chatoyant Yellow is used in all Chatoyance-based light fixtures, which is to say, almost all light fixtures.

The rectangular Ril coins are not overly heavy, and are much less weighty than coins made of precious metals on our earth. Metal simply 'weighs' less under Proxihesion, than under Gravity.

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