This is the Chatoyant Seven News antenna mast. Those in the know will recognise immediately that Chatoyant Seven is broadcasting in UHF, from the look of the antenna. UHF signals are used to send the information that makes the Chatoyant Green 'pin-screens' operate to produce the Pastellian equivalent of television. Yes, the Pastellian television is essentially a very fine pin-screen, composed of thousands of tiny Chatoyant Green cylinders, which extend and swell, or shrink and recess, based on an interpreted UHF signal. Acting as mechanical, kinetic pixels, the result is a decent image, which is a bit of a bas-relief.

Since photons exist in Pastel, so do radio frequencies, and thus television frequencies. The Pastellians use a unique technology that makes use of both radio and Chatoyanics, because, for them, it is the easiest, simplest way to accomplish video.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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