The ancient gamepad that CURSOR uses dates from hundreds of centuries in the past relative to CURSOR's time period, as does the style of game. CURSOR, it seems, has a thing for history...puppet shows and now antique lumonic game technology.

The gamepad shown is from the Nintari 3300, a commerical game system available in the time of Dake and Gisaea Kazemahou, during the epilogue of Unicorn Jelly. This is a simple system their child Rin would have owned, something common aboard the gargantuan ArkCarriers of the ArkFleet.

The buttons are labled in Alpabe, and the controller has four main buttons, two shoulder buttons, the equivalent of a start and reset, and two multipurpose mode buttons. The control pad is in the center and uses six switches arranged in a hexagonal pattern. The controller is interesting in that it is equally useful to both left and right handed beings, and can be used as easily by Jellese, as by Humans, thanks in part to the large central control pad.

The controller is surprisingly comfortable in the hand (or the pseudopod) and is quite solid and durable.

For an earthly gamer of today, perhaps the only learning curve associated with this Tryslmaistan game controller is using the thumb on such a large control pad surface; one common technique Tryslmaistan humans use is to operate the pad with both thumbs, which, once one gets used to it, actually makes some genres of games (such as racing and flying games) much easier.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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