This is, of course, the result of Chatreuse's first use of her Crimson Attack Helmet. Of note in this image, however, are several places we have seen on the Twiland side of Senryoku continent. The shaded side has been severely strip-mined, which is why everything is built within a huge rectangular pit...the mining has left only enough edge to allow the continent to not crumble. The rusting remains of mining equipment line the edges. Below, entirely paved except for the few Twiland Concreton Farms (green areas 'planted' with the huge Concretonic Black slabs used to generate raw Chatoyanite) sprawls a vast city of multistory towers. The towers are protected from the constant winds by the walls of the great mining project, and are built cheaply of brick and stucco, unlike the shining fin-shaped buildings of Shushoku.

The large hangers are of course for the Triumvirate Gunships, which dock for repairs and refit there. We have seen Grou Shiro ordering docking of his Gunship there. You can just make out the Old Godanist Church, where Minister Hei Kelainos and Theodicys Celedon make their home in the upper corner of the continent. Somewhere among those buildings is the apartment tower where the Shiro's live, the Prot Surplus Store where Chartreuse bought her helmet, and even the Women's Religious Re-education Center.

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