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July 27th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Mrs Cyan runs a local bar and grill that the Shiro's eat at once a week. They think she makes the best Isicia-Omentata, or 'Oment' around -basically a hamburger. As astute readers know, Pastellian culture is heavily influenced by ancient Roman culture in certain ways, not the least of which is a great deal of original Latin words. The Romans had fastfood, among other things, and invented the modern hamburger; they made theirs with wine sauce and pine nuts, but it was still a burger.

For those that may have forgotten the whole of Grau Shiro's family shown in page 14, Azure is his somewhat severe wife, Vert is his youngest boy who loves ice-candy, Ochre is his eldest son who loves playing Mo-Bag, and of course Fuschia needs no reminder.

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