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Family Man

July 23rd, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Grau Shiro is a Peace Enforcer, one of the very few careers left on the impoverished rectilinear continent of Senryoku. Peace Enforcers are the next step up from 'Prots', or Protectors, which act as policemen in Pastellian society. Enforcers are promoted from service in the Protectors, and both use the same basic uniform. Enforcers can be thought of as a kind of continual service national guard, or perhaps a militarized police force. They are more than police, but less than a true military. Centurions, perhaps.

The rectiland of Senryoku has been strip mined on the Twiland side, with the result that the enourmous, run-down city there exists in a sunken rectangular pit. This does shield the buildings from the constant wind, but with nothing but pavement and rock, Senryoku City is a very dull metropolis. The huge hangers we have seen before are where the Triumvirate Gunships are housed, and they are located at one end of the vast, embedded city.

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