Legal As Church On Wodensday



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Legal As Church On Wodensday

January 29th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: The Godanist Faith dominates and pervades almost all levels of the Pastellian culture. Even those who are not seen publicly to follow Godanism still may use terms and phrases taken from the faith. No Pastellian follows any other belief system, at least openly. In Pastel, there are two choices: Godan, or being quiet. Godanism is the legally enforced, state religion of Pastel, and active Oppositionists are dealt with by imprisonment and re-education programs.

While no one is actually forced to attend church (with the exception of unfortunate children under the yoke of their parents), it is always the common assumption that everyone is Godanist. How could it be otherwise? Of course, there are many who have no interest in Godanism, and place no value to the church, but they dare not openly say as much, and simply try to ignore the prevalence of the religion in their media, government, and lives as best they can.

The holy book of Godanism is the Book Of Myrmidon, which tells, among a great many other things, a lurid and religious account of the Great Cataclysm, the Destruction Of Myrmidon, and the Godan inspired escape to the Universe Of Pastel, 700 years in the past. It also directs followers to be united under one god, one faith, one government, one universe, forever; for Myrmidon was destroyed by the Division Into Two, which lost Mankind the Paradise Of Long Life they had once known, and which had been given to Man as a Sacred gift.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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