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The Kids Are Alright

August 4th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Despite the window damage, Azure Shiro is glad that her Weiss Ware collection was undamaged. Some Pastellian families own one or more of these ceramic artifacts, which date from before the colonization of Pastel. Put on display, rather like a shrine, an optimal Weiss Ware collection consists of three unique pieces, each of a distinct shape. Mrs. Shiro is the envy of many for her collection, handed down her family for generations; she has had offers from people far wealthier than her family, and has been tempted in tough times...but has never given in to selling them.

Although the Pastellians no longer understand why they are doing it, the use of three unique artifacts is an echo of the three effective biological groups of their previous universe of Tryslmaistan, represented also on a Taasen board: Whitelife (the native crystalline biology of that universe), Greenlife (earthly plants), and Redlife (earthly animals).

Azure's collection of Weiss Ware includes a bowl, a cup and a jug, and despite being over 300 years old, show no sign whatsoever of wear, a unique quality of Weiss Ware. It is suspected that some quality of the physics of Tryslmaistan is incorporated in the strange ceramic, but no research has yet teased out what that quality might be.

When Ancestral Cases are opened, they often contain pieces of Weiss Ware. Although great importance is associated with the specific contents of any Ancestral Case by the people of Pastel (in as much as they are told what is contained within an Ancestral Luggage at all), we can guess that the Luggage is just that, and the Ancestors escaping Tryslmaistan basically filled them with whatever they could grab, or whatever they thought they might need to keep safe in what must have been fairly panicky circumstances. 

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