Chapter Two: Rabbit Hole

 Page Number: CHAPTER 2

January 28th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Dr. Meiun Nakimono's first sketch of the Hyperspace Introitus Generator shows all of the basic elements of his breakthrough invention. An Ancestral Case is secured in a protective sarcophagus, which is then bolted into an articulated frame.
Chatoyance Control Armatures are likewise articulated, so that they may be brought close to the sarcophagus containing the Ancestral Case. As the Heliotrope and Purple Viresium interact with the enclosed piece of another universe trapped within the Ancestral Case, the result is that the case is pushed ana or kata into hyperspace, outside of normal spacetime. When this occurs, it leaves behind a spherical introitus into hyperspace, which can be directed by the articulation of the case and armatures. Blindly sweeping the generated wormhole around allows the operator to search for nearby universes to attempt to connect with. Should such a connection be made, travel through the introitus becomes possible, allowing full interversal communication with an alien cosmos.

To reverse the process, and close the wormhole, the Chatoyance armature rods are pulled outwards, allowing the Ancestral Case to bob back into normal spacetime rather like a float bobs back to the surface, if held underwater. When the oscillating Case finally syncronizes with normal spacetime, the introitus is fully closed.

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