The Money Pit

"Meanwhile, far distant on entirely another rectilinear continent of Pastel... Senryoku"


 Page Number: 13

The Money Pit

January 27th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The physically and financially ravaged Twilands of Senryoku have been strip-mined to the point that the majority of the entire surface is absent, leaving a truly gargantuan pit that drops surprisingly close to the P-Layer of the continent. The pit has also been excavated perilously close to the edges of the continent as well. This is one reason the skybusses only dock with the Dayplains side...the edge terminals are not in potential danger of sudden collapse. The floor of the mining pit has been greatly paved, to make space for the erection of cheap, poorly constructed, poverty-level housing projects and low-rent apartment buildings, assorted liquor stores, food markets, and many, many churches. The culture of Senryoku is very religious and has fairly restrictive local ordinances, which is why Teal must go to the Underground of Shushoku continent to find a store that caters to his...specific interests. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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