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Worth A Thousand Words

December 26th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The diagram above I call a Minkowski-Reitz Diagram. The original sketch I did to work out how such a view of interuniversal structure could be represented diagramatically is here. Herman Minkowski, a mathematician, worked out a simple diagram for representing spacetime for the study of relativistic physics. It's been a favorite mental plaything for me, since I need to see things to comprehend them. I seem to need visual representations to truly grasp things.

Minkowski's famous diagram suffers from one terrible flaw, in my opinion - it is inadaquate to represent events beyond one universe. Yes, you can stack Minkowski diagrams, or lay them side to side, but really, this is more indicative of one big universe with multiple domains, or alternate universe variants (I call them splays) than actual, truly alien universes beyond it, operating in the realm of a true multiverse.

To cure that problem, I popped the basic notion of the Minkowski diagram into another dimension, the third dimension, and made dimensional sculptures represent discreet universes. The shapes of the surfaces they represent define the history, the worldline, of entire cosmologies. And of course, interuniversal travel and contact, as well as multiversal level constructions and artifices, can be represented as tubes, ribbons, and other forms within my diagram.

Color can even play a part, as well as the sort of grid used to define specific forms of spacetime, and the way in which space and time relate. My three story universes all share similar, vaguely Mundis-like spacetimes, so I have used a simple, square grid on them.

One nice effect I discovered doing this, is that the phenomena of Stormfall, from Unicorn Jelly, was made incredibly simple to grasp in this new form of diagram. That was a rather neat discovery.

So there you have it - my little contribution to things. Maybe some string theorist will use it one day (I can dream, dammit!); the Minkowski-Reitz Diagram.


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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