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December 19th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The question I am considering here is just how something truly godlike - beyond all human understanding - would communicate. A post-Singularity entity could potentially be to us as we are to a pet rat. Or even just an insect.

One of my spouses, Eldenath, had a pet rat once. It adored me. I used to make of my hand another rat - I am very good at using my hands for puppetry, so I would make my hand act like a rat. My hand was about the same size as Kelly, Elde's pet rat. I honestly think that Kelly thought of my hand as a strange sort of rat... Kelly's rodent eyesight being limited to but a few inches in front of her face, my arm, and the rest of my body would have trailed off into a blur of meaninglessness. Perhaps my arm was a fat tail, to the weird rat that was my hand.

What would a human see if a godlike entity were to try to do something similar? A mute, manlike blob? A shadow, and shape? And what if it were to try to talk, knowing that the language it knew was infinitely beyond the poor creature below it?

How could it communicate something truly complex? Something of it's work, of what it is trying to accomplish?

Perhaps it might be possible, if only the distance was not quite as far as man and rat.

If we were perhaps, a dog relative to it, or a chimpanzee. Or a retarded child...

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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