The complete rules and history of Latrotabuli in the cosmos of Pastel. A complete free game based on historical fact.

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Set The Board

April 12th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTESThe unclaimed and unspoiled flying rectilands of Pastel are home to strange native life forms. Plants are epiphytic, relying on curious means to capture water from passing clouds. The epiphytic plants collect the water that the native animal life survives on; it never rains in Pastel, so this is how nature has evolved to adapt to this cosmos.

Yes, I said evolved. Unlike Tryslmaistan, Pastel is a cosmos with an active evolutionary process going on.

Next Omake, I will explain and show more of these curious plants and animals of native Pastel.

In the mean time, there are closeups from this page in the closeups section

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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