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Your Mystery Date

April 19th, 2006


PAGE FOOTNOTES:   The Tryslmaistan Jellese, called the Drapeta-Umor in Pastel, have developed their own technology to survive in what is to them a terribly harsh universe. They have learned to maintain internal organs indefinately, rather than forming them as needed, they have learned to stick to a consistant shape in order to conserve calories. They engulf materials to use as bones to support their bulk.

One material they can use that is both beneficial as a structure that permits movement and locomotion, and as a source of calories -which they always need, and always hunger for- are bones. Bones contain minerals which are useful to the Pastellian Jellese. Warrior Jellese use human bones, gathered from those they slay. Human bones serve as both structure and a badge of honor...they are trophies and medals that show the degree to which a warrior has been successful in battle.

All Pastellian Jellese carry a mass of high-density food within a pocket inside them, which acts like a fuel tank. They can live as long as they have fuel in their tank to consume, which they have learned to do very, very slowly despite the constant gnawing hunger that pains them every moment. Warrior Jellese are given an especially calorie dense food-mass which permits them to operate for a much longer time between refueling stops.

They have been developing, for some time, a unique technology to defend themselves, one which the human Protectors are completely unaware of.

The Prots will soon find out more than they may want to know about this technology. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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