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 Page Number: 143

A Kiss For Luck

November 9th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: In the original Kamishibai story, the battle with Chartreuse immediately follows this chapter, and after that everything is wrapped up very quickly, mostly by inference on the part of the reader. We are shown images of the happy family that everyone becomes, but it is left to the reader to imagine how this occurs, or perhaps it is just expected that a hero always has a happy ending.

In doing the story as a comic, no such cinematic compression (cheating!) is acceptable, and so the process by which certain future events must occur has to be shown. More than this, they have to make sense.

Modern media is a near ultimate power. Media can make any person a hero or a monster, without regard to justice or fact. It is troubling to consider that for most people in the First World, certainly in America specifically, what happens on television is more real than actual life experience. For many, what is not reported on the accepted news channels never happened, or is suspicious at best, even if what is shown conflicts with actual personal observation. Individual critical thinking has been sacrificed by far too many in exchange for prepackaged, corporate punditry.

Thus the importance of Pailaa Marron, and her crew, in all of this. Pailaa cannot even concieve of how much power she holds, because of her position at Chatoyant Seven News. And this is the case with many in the news industry; close as they are to their work, they see only the job ahead of them, and the needs of the moment for their career. This is only human.

But, considering the willingness of the great mass of humanity to give up their minds to the suckling of the great electronic teat, it is also desperately worrysome... even horrifying.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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