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Duck And Cover

November 16th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: This page was a total pain to paint. I did it in only two days, thanks to my computer being broken for most of the week. I just worked as fast as I could to get it done by Wednesday. I am very unhappy with...pretty much every panel. Please forgive any...artistic...failures.

I enjoy the joke that we will never see what the aerodriver 'Green' looks like. I imagine him to be gruff and mysterious.

Pailaa Marron is based not only on Mary Richards of the Mary Tylor Moore show fame, but also on a reporter I met at KFWB news radio in Los Angeles, who was estatic to drive out into the Rodney King riots at night. She was so happy that her news van was shot by automatic gunfire, and, in a second incident, nearly carjacked. She was like a little girl at a birthday party. LUCKY!!! It was really BIG!

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