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Sweet Red Beans

October 19th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: A bit of experimentation here. In the original Kamishibai, the simplistic innocence of the art style, and of the character of Fuschia, made her prattling on about sweet red beans as a topic of conversation work very well. Indeed it was a memorable scene. But with everything more complex, on every level in the comic version, I needed a way to make that scene still work.

My answer is to offer up a very human moment; surely everyone has experienced a time when words failed them and they had nothing to say but very much felt compelled to talk. The result of such a moment is inevitably a completely nonsequiter or pointless statement, perhaps even mumbled incoherently.

In the context of Fuschia being utterly bowled over by her emotions, in total awe of her new object of love, going on about beans seems positively sensible to me at this point, and I had great fun depicting the thoughts and feelings swirling in her mind as she struggles to find something to say. In order to try to give her thoughts a feelling of spontaneity, I put myself into her mind as best I could and then just drew her thoughts as quickly as I could with no planning or concern.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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