"It's a living plastic doll! What a scoop!"


 Page Number: 141

Alive At Five

October 26th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Reporter Pailaa Marron's news crew has been teamed with her for five years now. Rou Veilchen is her visiotech, in charge of the visiocorder, and her audiotech is Rud Blodrod. Their usual Chatoyant Seven NewsAero pilot is just known as 'Green', only the personnel department seems to know his real name.

Rou has known Pailaa the longest, she dated him briefly before they became a news team. Rud started as an intern, and was given to Pailaa because of a clumsy incident involving his lunch and their boss Mr. Garnet's new suit. Pailaa's team is referred to around Chatoyant Seven as 'News At Arf' because they are only ever given filler story assignments. To date, Pailaa and her team have reported on eleven puppy stories, two stories about farm animals giving birth, three trained sheep stories (the same sheep, only with new tricks) and their crowning achievement, the rescue of an Aurocks calf that somehow ended up floating between the rectilands (probably due to an unsecured aerocar trailer).

And, of course, one mysterious event that shattered all the glass on three rectilands, and swept the clouds from the sky.


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