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Touching A Dream

October 12th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Fuschia Shiro has pinkish eyes and translucent white hair because she has T-Albinism, or Tryslmaistan-acquired albinism. T-Albinism is common in roughly ten percent of the population of Pastel, and is a genetic variation which is not like earthly albinism, despite the similar appearance. For one thing, T-Albinism does not have any deleterious effects to health, vision, or lifespan.

The cause of T-Albinism is an adaptation to the universe of Tryslmaistan (Unicorn Jelly) from which the population of Pastel originally emigrated. Tryslmaistan has very unearthly physical laws, and utterly lacks any photonic illumination. Instead of light, photons, Tryslmaistan had lumons, which had no effect on such things as vitamin D production, and made the production of skin pigment useless. As a result, the humans of Tryslmaistan gradually lost almost all of their pigmentation.

Those that escaped to colonize the universe of Pastel have begun to regain their pigmentation thanks to the presence of actual photonic light, radiated from the great cosmic linea that stretches across the entirety of the Pastellian cosmos. The radiation produced by the linea has little presence in the ultraviolet range and cannot cause, for example, a 'sunburn', but it is enough to stimulate many latent functions of the body.

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