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Holland Is Flooding

October 5th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: I really wanted to convey everything through image alone, with no text on this page. To that end I had some trouble working out the panels, and the facial expressions. It was surprisingly hard to get just the right color to Fuschia Shiro's cheeks in panel two...I am still not happy with the blushing effect, but it will have to do.

The key element I wanted to convey, besides the fact of Fuschia being overwhelmed by this strange angel from the sky, and immediately falling in love with her, is that the little Artificial Intelligence of CURSOR is experiencing the emotions of Fuschia, that the link between them is two-way, and that now Fuschia, because of her emotion, is dominant. Up until this moment, CURSOR has been controlling poor Fuschia, but the strong emotion of love has overwhelmed any control CURSOR may have had. I have tried very hard to show this by having CURSOR be unable to help imitating every little motion and expression that Fuschia displays.

The last panel is pure shojo manga. In Japan, comics come in phonebook sized volumes, which are read and recycled. The paper and ink are both inexpensive and recyclable. The ink, in girls comics (such as my favorites Ribon and Nakayoshi), is almost never black, but rather is pastel colors of various shades, such as lime, or orange, red, and of course, pink. So the final panel is an effort to look just like a panel from Ribon magazine, printed with pink ink. The translucent flowers are also a common sight in shojo manga, a visual expression of powerful emotion.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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