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Comic Relief

April 22nd, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: The Shushoku Mercatus is a very upscale, very overpriced mall, not far from the Chatoyant Science Academy. Needless to say, only the very wealthy tend to shop there. A Pictobook is the Pastellian equivalent of the Japanese word 'manga' or it's nearest equivalent in English, the 'graphic novel'. Araphel is considered appropriate only for young children, and because of the great emphasis in Pastellian culture to grow up, get married and pop out babies to fill up the universe (and any others that can be reached), the degree of insult both Cerul and Fuschia would suffer from those critical of their tastes would be fairly great indeed.

As a side note, Cerul Morado is based on a man I once dated, long ago, and the wealthy-generosity scene in the book store is taken from life.  There is a closeup, in the closeups section, that shows the mall artwork off, minus the characters and word balloons.

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