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April 21st, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Cerul Morado is of course the son of Roxo Morado, the Minister Of Science And Technology, one of the three members of the Ministerial Triumvirate Of Pastel. This means that Cerul is basically the son of what amounts to a president or prime minister, only mixed with the social impact of a Catholic pope (at least as far as Catholics are concerned, anyway). The power of the Triumvirate is absolute in the way that absolute dictators have power, the power of kings. So, it is quite a very big deal that a girl from a low, poor, and utterly unimportant family is thrown together with him on a date.

This is not a Cinderella situation though, the reason our 'prince' Cerul is slumming is because no one of his peerage will have him, and his father is willing to enroll him in what amounts to a 'rent-a-yenta' service just to marry him off and be done with him. Scandalous!

One wonders, however,  just what Azure Shiro, Fuschia's mother, must have had to do to get her daughter on the fast track with a catch like Cerul, doesn't it? One thing is for certain, though, if Cerul were not so ...radical... in his politics and beliefs, a girl like our Fuschia would never get to even shake hands with a high-born personage such as Cerul.

As a side note, the aerocar Cerul is piloting is a custom 'Blumfy', the Pastellian equivalent of a terrestrial high-end Jaguar car. The 'Blumfy' is a brand of AeroBlumf, run by the vastly wealthy Zel-Blumf family. Their family color is gold, not surprisingly.

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