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Tears Of A Clown

April 20th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: The unique triangular architecture of the Pastellian industrial regions is a clear reminder of the Tryslmaistan heritage of the Pastellian people. Where the wealthy have opted for giant curving arcs, fins and wing shapes for all newer buildings, the old industrial areas, such as those of the continent of Senryoku, use enourmous, hanger-like wind shields to provide low-wind zones where the angled, inexpensive, orangestone buildings can be constructed.

Fuschia Shiro's room occupies one corner of the second floor of the apartment her family rents. All three corners are separate, walled-off bedrooms on this floor, with the space in the middle serving as a kitchen. Fuschia gets one corner room to herself, her brothers Ochre and Vert share a corner room, and the last bedroom belongs to her parents, Grau and Azure. 

All of the apartments in this building are two-floor flats, with an internal staircase, as well as the external, balcony staircase on one side of the triangular building. Fuschia is fortunate to have a window room; her brothers do not.

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