Page Number: CHAPTER 5

April 19th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Pastellian cosmological science does not know all of the answers to questions about the nature of their universe, but they have made much progress in the past seven-hundred-plus years.

It is believed that, perhaps a billion years in the past, the whole cosmos of Pastel sprang from a single point, called the 'Tiny Pop', an explosion of universe-creating force contained within a space no larger than two kilometers. From the mysterious 'Tiny Pop', the cosmos continues to expand outward in the shape of a hyperdimensional cone. Pastellian science believes that all the matter in the universe formed from the Tiny Pop acting on the multiversal background during the initial expansion, and the result was a ribbon of matter streaming forth. This ribbon of matter began to fragment along rectangular crystalline boundaries, to form the flying rectilinear continents of Pastel. It is believed that the initial state of the cosmos was much lower in temperature at this time.

The continents of Pastel are drawn increasingly onward through the still, calm, cloud filled cosmic atmosphere by an unknown force called the 'Huge Puller'. What this cosmic force is, or how it pulls the continents is not yet understood. What is known is that the continents are streaming at an accelerating pace, though the increase is incredibly small, it is inexorable. Some scientists fear that at some point in the distant future, the winds that sweep over the flying continents will become so great that life will become impossible, but properly devout scientists assure that Godan would never permit this to happen, that at some point the acceleration will cease.

Science has determined that all photonic light in Pastel, which unlike the apparent and false 'pseudo-light' of Chatoyance can grant plants the power to live and grow, comes from a narrow band that stretches the length of the universe. Although this light source is far too diffused by the cosmic atmosphere for the human eye to perceive, special instruments have demonstrated its existence. Science has determined that the band must be composed of 'Bright Energy', which is believed by some to be the most powerful energy in the universe. Physicists are working towards a theory of how 'Bright Energy' may be related to hypothetical 'Puller Matter' that is responsible for the force of the mysterious 'Huge Puller'. The 'Singularized Yard Theory', if true, suggests that the cosmos of Pastel can be looked at as though it were a back yard which is planted with the grass of matter and energy, but which is pulled from one end by a force that is so powerful that it stretches the yard like a sheet of neoplastic. The stretching causes a rip the length of the yard, that lets the glow of a special kind of Chatoyant 'dirt' shine through, which explains the source of the 'Bright Energy'. The Force pulling on the plastic yard-sheet of the cosmos is, according to the latest peer-reviewed equations, almost certainly the divine hands of Godan Himself.


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