Cowboy Hyperphysicists Are Go!

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Cowboy Hyperphysicists Are Go!

February 5th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The Representational Sectional Hyperspace scan shown is calculated from data compiled on a stochastic engine, the name Pastellians give to their version of the computer. In effect., the scan is rather like a radar image akin to the kind we use on earth for weather forecasting, showing an interpretation of a slice of the sky.

The data was collected by repeatedly poking the local multiversal continuum and recording the 'ripples' in spacetime that result. Because the event occurs outside of space and time, there is no delay in obtaining them from any apparent hyperspace distance.
Making things difficult is that because the 'view' is outside of time and space, the scan is a timeless frozen moment in which all things have already happened. To put it another way, if a universe has a beginning and an end to it, the scan occurs simultaineously at every point in time for that universe. Thus a destroyed cosmos still would show up, because from this high and timeless viewpoint of things, the whole of time for that cosmos is a single, solid thing.

The shapes the stochastic engine draws to represent the universes and the spaces between them are geometric interpretations of a vast number of factors that are taken from the available data. The images on the scan cannot be literal visions of what the universes and multiversal phenomena 'look' like from outside of spacetime, but are rather the closest meaningful metaphoric interpretations that can be generated by the engine. The RSH scan is just one way, an easy, simple, and convenient way, to represent such complex hyperdimensional structures and relationships.  

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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