Tannenbaum Of Technology

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Tannenbaum Of Technology

February 4th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Dr Meiun Nakimono is not the most famous personality in Pastel just because he comes from a long line of prestigious scientists that date back to before the Arrival times. Nor is his fame only due to the fact of being insanely wealthy, or even for having been the one person to finally crack the secret of the hyperversal barrier. No, the real reason that the public loves Dr. Nakimono is that despite all of that, the man is a character. Meiun Nakimono is a really good chat-show guest, who always has a great story, or a wise-ass joke available to tell. He has a common-people appeal, and what is even more interesting, it is a genuine quality, not an affectation to gain attention. Personable, but also capable of explaining things to the layman in a witty yet inspiring way, he is the Pastellian scientist-personality equivalent of Carl Sagan mixed with James Burke.

  Which is why his three science-documentary series did so well.
Available now on Visiorb or compact cube formats.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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