Chapter Three: Dorothy Tornado

 Page Number: CHAPTER 3

February 16th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: Dr. Meiun Nakimono's first sketch of the Poultro-B mech suit. The Poultro-B is supported by a detachable articulated support armature which contains a multiple-package sensor boom. The Poultro-B is pushed through the hyperspace introitus with the armature, and can be rapidly recalled in case of danger.

Detatched from the support armature, the Poultro-B has two modes of transport, the standard C-Walk Mode, which mimics the upright action of a human walking, and Bulldog Mode, which can be used for rough terrain. For Bulldog Mode, the internal, ejectable pilot pod engages in chair rotation as the body of the Poultron lowers. The grappler arms spread their fingers to become feet, and the rear legs and foot-pods alter configuration to allow four-limbed locomotion.

The Poultron-B, as well as the support armature, is completely covered with various types of materials containing Ancestral Luggage Matter, which shields the Poultron, and the pilot, from sudden accidental elemental transmogrification. This is vital, as it is understood that if matter is transmogrified into the physics of a cosmos with a significantly more complex periodic table, such matter may not be able to be 'remapped' down to a less complex table and remain functionally -or biologically- intact. Thus to guard against extraversal excursions becoming lonely and stranding one-way voyages, the Poultron-B fully shields against elemental transmogrification. 

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