It's Tough Being A Prot!

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It's Tough Being A Prot!

February 17th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: 'Prots', Protectors, are the police force of the Pastellian human civilization. Protectors are charged to "Protect The Faith, Enforce The Law, And Ensure The Common Peace". Patrolling in their flying Protector Cars, Prots are licenced to carry and use arms in the service of the peace. Humans being humans, whatever the universe, naturally they make transmitted shows that follow the Prots around on their duties.

Pastellians call their rectilinear continents by many slang terms, including landflats, flats, skydirt, bricks, chunks, cityslats, skyturf, rocks, tables, skyslabs, and of course, slabs.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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