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Everything Old Is New Again

October 10th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  I had a lot of trouble coming up with a hair style for our hero with the home-sewed sleeves (and Ktlikitkaktlian leathers). I tried dreadlocks first, because I love dreadlocks, but as cute as it was, it looked slightly silly, especially since I couldn't guarantee to myself that he would have the means to do them correctly, even if he had the time. It was reasonable, considering his circumstances, to give him utterly wild, poorly maintained hair, a veritable mop of dishevelment, but that really didn't fit the character - he'd find some way to trim his hair better than that, especially if he is sewing his own shirts. Finally I settled on a very simple, not overly kept style that seemed reasonable considering both circumstance and character temperament. Trimmed, but not excessively so.

Why bother working out such details? Because we can judge so much from our first glance at a person. We cannot help but judge, our brains are judgement machines. A person stuck in a savage place is not going to have perfect hair, regardless of how many poorly done movies and television shows would suggest otherwise. Such care takes time, a safe situatuion, tools, and mirrors, at the very least.

So what can we judge about Mr. Handsome here? He is clearly well fed. He has enough time to make his own shirts, and that means he is not under constant assault. His complexion is clear, so he has a warm place to stay; his lips are not chapped, nor does he show any signs of exposure. His personality is lonely but upbeat, he has not suffered unduly. He is doing fairly well for himself, considering where he is.

All this mystery. You know who he must be, so why do I even pretend there is any surprise?

For the fun of it.


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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