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 Knight And Squire

January 31st, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES  Some readers have speculated that a better solution would be to use the time stop capability to have Heliotrope run about and take the weapons away from all of the Church Army soldiers, while she was outside of time. The metatemporal field that Heliotrope generated previously to play on the swings with her papa was essentially a spherical bubble about four meters in diameter, centered on the Omnipitor. Anything inside the space of that bubble shares in excluded time, which is why the swings could still be used, and why she could even just manage to walk about through the air at all.

If Helitrope tried such a thing, the moment her field enveloped a soldier, or more likely a small group of soldiers, they would share in her excluded time, and could attack her freely, and likely would. She would have to fight them for their weapons - she couldn't just take them from frozen statues or somesuch. Her powers are not magic, and they have no means to 'know' an object from a person. Everything she does affects areas or zones, as would be expected of a technology that follows laws of physics, even if those physics are strange and unknown.

It is also to be remembered that Heliotrope does not know how her own powers work, or how to use them properly, or even what she might be capable of doing. She discovers her powers by accident or desperation, and the best she can seem to do is to try to learn to limit their scope and force as best she can.

All things considered, Fuschia's application seems pretty clever, at least to me. Sadly it still doesn't address the more fundamental problem; can Heliotrope get these violent men to actually listen to reason?

Fuschia and Heliotrope are still but children, really, they cannot help their optimistic and idealistic vision of humanity; that Man is capable of mass rationality, if only given a decent chance.

Gosh, I wonder how this will all turn out?  

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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