Page Number: 192

Abreast Of The Matter 

January 24th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:   The Omnipitor clearly carries some permanent information inside of it, and would seem to have some sort of volatile memory as well, which gradually loses information over time. Apparently, the Omnipitor stores the contents of its volitile memory inside whatever mass it is inserted into, making the material of the body it is given act as a storage medium. Somehow the Omnipitor subtly alters the material into which it is placed, imprinting data of some sort into it.

It is interesting to find out that this stored information is fairly robust, and can survive the melting of the medium in which it is implanted.

We can imagine that something not unlike nanotechnology may be involved, though, as we will one day see, it may be just as acceptable to imagine some form of technology that transcends physical matter as we understand the term may be involved instead.

Heliotrope is... mostly... restored to her original consciousness and memory. The question now is what will she be willing to do?


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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