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The Fingers Of One Hand 

November 15th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES  We have seen CURSOR replicate herself...before, into sub-units capable of carrying out tasks. The notion of having each of these sub-programs run an individual maintanence drone, and having them crawl out to find and power up additional abandoned repair drones has given CURSOR nothing less than an army of workers.

This has turned the fortunes of CURSOR dramatically; with a way to affect her environment, the evolving artificial intelligence can finally get the food she truly needs - electanic force.

As we know from Unicorn Jelly, the equivalent of stars within the Tryslmaistan cosmos is to be found in the Veils. Strongly ejecting electanic radiation into space, the dark and cold Veils are distributed evenly throughout the astonishing Sierpensky Gasket that is the structure of Tryslmaistan.

Electanic radiation has the property of effectively inducing a localized, weak regression of the inevitable loss of information...which is to say, what amounts to a weak localized reversal of time, or an anentropic effect. Left in peace, broken bits will, within certain parameters, reform into their original wholes. Cracked cups, left in cupboards long enough will heal to perfection, crackers uncrumble, and circuits reform. This natural process provides an enviable boost to organic life, extending lifespans, and providing an enormous benefit in terms of the energy they have available to them. Electanic energies act in Tryslmaistan not unlike the way light works in our own cosmos of Mundis; it is the fundamental source of usable energy from which all life derives.

The Dyson Triangles, with their gargantuan Veil Arrays, sop up virtually all of the energy from the Veils, in this far-flung future time, leaving the abandoned museum that CURSOR is trapped within left in an electanic shadow. Lacking the natural preserving power of electanic radiation, the museum and its contents have begun to crumble and fall into disrepair.

With the detonation of the remaining collectors of the Veil Array, a wave of electanic radiation will again envelope this region of atmospheric space, and the failing stochastic engine which runs CURSOR will begin to regenerate... along with a vast horde of stored technology from countless ages, all waiting in the floors of the museum around her.

Thanks to a clever plan, and a bit of a boost in imagination from her contact and merging with the living mind of Fuschia Shiro, CURSOR is growing rapidly, and she is on the rise.


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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