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Bad Timing

September 20th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES  Yes, that's Red, the amiable, innocuous Introitus Room technician, beloved by his workers, the regular guy... who is actually a Normalization Services Administration operative. His job inside the Introitus Project was to keep an eye on everything, expecially Nakimono and Aoi. He was not to intervene, only to report. Later, when Nakimono was lost and the Project was shut down, he was transferred to keeping an eye on Hannya, because if anyone could find out what had really happened in the last Introitus experiment, she could.

The Administration knows that she was the real brains behind her father. They know a lot of things. Things no one else knows.

But now, with the entire government long absent and inexplicably overdue, the Chatoyant Sciences building campus entirely sealed off, mysterious cow mutilations on the rise, and the Church mobilizing an army to take over civilization itself, the last remaining Pastellian authority has been moved to action:

Crimsond Red and Brick Schikhowse, Agents of The Administration.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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