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Look Out, Little Donkey!

July 12th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTESHannya Nakimono has been working steadily behind the scenes since the temporal event where Aoi explained everything to her. It has taken her many attempts, and much research, to finally gain access to the Nakimono Island interior, so as to find out what her father was trying to accomplish in that last trip through the introitus. Hannya is smart, diligent, strong, and she never gives up on people.

In Pastel Defender Heliotrope, so far, we have seen many versions of power. We have seen the angry, childish, and vengeful power of Charteuse, the growing awakening to a purposeful and personal power in Fuschia, and the wise, savvy, cunning, and adaptable power that is Hannya. We have also seen the almost uncontrollable raw power of Heliotrope herself...a power that always seems a bit beyond her ability to manage.

We have also seen political power, as used by the three branches of the Pastellian government, and of course the power of violence as well, embodied in war. And we have seen power misused, both intentionally (Teal, Kelainos, Morado, Mrs. Shiro and Chartreuse), and unintentionally (Heliotrope and Meiun Nakimono) .

And, of course, we have seen powerlessness, both circumstantial (most people, such as Yellow, Cerul, and others) and due to personal weakness (Aoi).

We have seen how power affects others, to good and bad result, and how the use of power can affect how others apply power themselves.

One thing we have not seen is fear of power, nor a choice to avoid power, and how turning away from power can be as profound as its use.

We will.


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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