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The Velvet Darkness

December 28th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  There is a close-up and description of CURSOR's gamepad in the Closeups Section.

One-Hundred and Fifty individual digital paintings have now been completed, not counting all the supplementary materials and paintings. Wow! What a landmark! That's a lot of farging paintings. Here is a JPEG full-size version of this landmark page 150 - WARNING: the page is one meg in size - so it may take forever to download. But I provide it just in case you ever wanted to see one. JPEG loses a lot of detail, though, normally my art is all in .TIFF format, which is print-quality. There, each painting is more like three megs or so, depending.

I once worked at Activision, waaaayyyy back when. I did graphics for the C64, for the Amiga, and for the Apple. I also sold a game design, which like nine out of ten game projects back then never actually got made.

My very first console game machine was a Colecovision, which basically was an Atari 2600 console with the serial numbers filed off. It played 2600 cartridges, but was cheaper than the actual Atari machine. Sandra bought it for me so that I could play David Crane's Ghostbusters game. I still have the machine and all my old carts. My second game was Pitfall 2, Lost Caverns, and that game is what inspired me to design my own game and sell it to Activision. I got a check for 10,500 bucks and a crappy, doomed career for the next 14 years.

It was within two weeks of working at Activision (this was before the company collapsed under a huge financial scandal, died, and was reformed anew) that I began calling it 'ActiVandals'. The company had been taken over, as had Electronic Arts and Epyx (other companies I also did some work for) by failed recording industry executives. Their corrupt, cocaine-fueled, and ridiculously inept ways essentially were the real cause of the decisions that caused the great video game crash of the 80's.

It was a wild, and often frustrating time.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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