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In The Shadow Of Man

December 21st, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES: In the universe of Tryslmaistan, the source of all energy - the equivalent of stars in our own universe of Mundis - are the Veils.

Veils are gargantuan two-dimentional triangles strung in a regular array throughout the Tryslmaistan cosmos. The Veils are a natural part of the physics of the universe of Tryslmaistan. Veils appear dark and stormy, because of the way they interact with the atmospheric void that fills all of Tryslmaistan space. Veils exude vast quantities of electanic radiation, which comes in three flavors, Pii, Yse, and Nin. Electanic radiation has powerful effects within the Tryslmaistan cosmos, and deeply affects the biological functions of organic life. More than this, electanic energy also acts essentially as a mild anentropic force, which effectively reverses time on a limited scale, restoring lost information to the universe. The upshot of this is that one can, for example, expect a cracked cup to gradually repair itself, to a great degree, if left alone to 'heal' in a cupboard.

This anentropic benefit is the reason that the native life forms of land and sea, such as the sapient, blob-like Jellese, can even exist - their highly inefficient biology is  supported by the free, ambient energy of the Veils. The Jellese, for example, have no true permanent organs or limbs, but rather manufacture them on the fly, as needed. This is something that could not exist in our own cosmos of Mundis, because the energy value of metabolized food is insufficient to power such nightmarish biological antics. However, a constant ambient boost, which the Veil energy provides, makes such biology practical, in Tryslmaistan.

The Dai-Saan triangles are enourmously vast artificial structures, built by the combined races of Far Future "Floaty Buttcover" Tryslmaistan, designed to capture the entire output of Veils to power their super-advanced civilization. This incredible engineering feat, equivalent to building Ringworlds or Dysan Spheres, naturally would leave entire regions of open space empty of electanic force. Without electanic energy, Tryslmaistan matter experiences something alien to it, something we know all too well...entropy. The constant loss of information...the breakdown of material things, and the loss of potential energy to a useless state.

This is what is causing the unusual situation that poor CURSOR is in...of machines that can break down, of devices that do not self-repair with time, and ultimately, a time limit that can only end in doom.

The age of the "Floaty Buttcovers" (as Unicorn Jelly readers have named them) ended when that multi-species far-future civilzation found a means to transcend their physical bodies, and act without the need of physical instrumentation. The Godlike super-future Tryslmaistan people abandoned their devices, their cities, their Worldplates, and their ancient places, for more deific pursuits. So now the cosmos of Tryslmaistan is empty, filled with empty buildings, and lonely incomprehensibly advanced technological fortresses....and one last citizen; the poor, misbegotten artificial intelligence, CURSOR.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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