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Gunship Grey

April 1st, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The primary weapon of the Drapeta-Umor, the runaway slave Jellese of Pastel is a controlled jet
of acid, which is generated by companion Slimes, which are carried within the Jellese, inside special organs.
The acid is of incredible power and so anti-Jellese weapons must be made of, or coated with very special ceramic
materials which have some hope of surviving some length of time in combat.

Drapetan acid can completely skeletonize a human body in under six seconds, and is only slightly less
dramatic against most metals. Perhaps skeletonize is an inappropriate word, in that bone is only marginally
more resistant than flesh.

The primary unit of the human forces is made of two men, one in front, holding a heavy polyceramic shield equipped
with a small circular door in the center, and the other in back, wielding a sonic lance. When it is prudent, the
lancer thrusts the lance through the port in the shield, and hopefully into the body of the writhing, spewing Jellese.

A trigger is pulled, and the sonic lance releases a concentrated pulse of calibrated sound which has the power
to shatter and smash the internal organs of the Jellese, as well as its outer membrane, in one swift action.

Because the Jellese in Pastel must retain permanent organs, lacking as they do for the biology-enhancing
power of Tryslmaistan electanic force, there is no survival possible from a successful lance attack.

But equally, there is no survival possible from the dread peril of accurate Drapetan acid, either. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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