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Power Up

June 22nd, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  In the original Kamishibai story, this scene features -what I think- is a just wornderful sound effect for the power up of the Omnipitor. First there is a very mechanical and unique Ka-Chunk-KUNK sound which is synchronized with Heliotrope opening her arms, like some kind of very unusual Transformer robot undergoing a transformation. This is followed with a complex and rich power-up sound, which whooshes and whirrs and does the whole magical sound shower thing.

I built all of these sounds, which have since been used in many other Kamishibai stories, and I even occasionally hear them in freeware games from time to time, which is always amazing to see just how far my sonic creations have managed to spread.

For fans of the Kamishibai, I will tell how I made those Omnipitor Activation Increase sound effects.

The Ka-Chunk-KUNK sound was taken from three different pinball machine recordings, which I then processed and put together in Cool Edit Pro. Various effects, such as echo, and in the case of one of the sounds, mirror reversing, were used. Pasted together and with the levels averaged and balanced the result was this:

Ka-Chunk-KUNK (clunkachunk.wav) 8K

The Omnipitor Activation Increase sound was much more complex to create, and required nine seperate sound bits to be massaged together. The components included pinball scoring sounds, sounds from the movie Forbidden Planet, sounds from two different Japanese game TV advertisments, a mirror-reversed part of a sound effect from a Japanese RPG, the sound of a motorcycle, two different English birds (severely time altered), and a cat. All of these sound bits were mangled, folded, spindled and mutilated with an assortment of effects...frankly I cannot hope to remember all the things I did to mess with the sounds and blend them into this final, single effect:

Omnipitor Activation Increase! (activate.wav) 70K

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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