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Papa Loves Pi

May 4th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  The Myrmidonian Ancestral Case, also called the Ancestral Luggage, Ancestral Caskets, Chests, and so forth, are a mysterious technology to the Pastellians. Whatever the Cases are made of, it has the power to completely seal away the contents of the closed case entirely from the outside universe.

The Cases are silver white, entirely coated in a tough ceramic compound. They can be locked with a built-in trinary style lock, but the mechanism of that lock is a complete mystery. There is no writing or any other obvious mark upon the cases. When the ceramic coating is chipped away, which takes enourmous effort, what is revealed under the ceramic is a substance of very peculiar properties.

The material under the ceramic is shiny as a perfect and flawless mirror, and it is utterly, absolutely frictionless. It is utterly devoid of any feeling of texture, temperature, or any other quality. The oil from fingerprints slides right off, even as the finger lifts from touching it. It feels hard, utterly hard, but that is all. No temperature, no texture, no nothing. Just a mirrored, frictionless barrier in the shape of a Case. Banging on exposed mirror stuff makes no sound or vibration, except within the object used to strike it with. It appears to be indestructable, perfectly reflecting everything applied to it. The ceramic coating appears to have been molded entirely around the silver material, seamlessly, in a single application.

The Pastellians mostly believe that their ancestors somehow manufactured the Cases, but there is some dissension on this point, mostly from physicists who argue that such a material, if what the Cases are made of can even be called material, is far beyond anything the ancient Myrmidonian technology could have ever have produced. Some even believe that Godan himself created the Cases as gifts to His children.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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