Just A Whistlestop

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Just A Whistlestop

February 9th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Any matter which enters another universe normally experiences instantaneous Elemental Transmogrification. What this means is that matter from one universe, placed under the new physical laws of another cosmos, cannot help but instantly reconfigure to what is possible under those new laws.

Thus, if one universe had such physics as to demand that matter take the form of 'atoms', closed wavicle loops of fundamental particles composed, say of quantum string loops, in another universe, those atoms would convert to whatever the equivalent of atoms for that new cosmos would be; tratons, ergopolids, zonalons, fundrials, crysletheri, unoplastic materium, or whatever the case may be.

The great danger of this transmogrification is if the nearest analogue to what passes for a 'periodic chart' in a given cosmos, is greatly different, or completely alien, from the cosmos of origin, in which case the reconfiguration of matter can be very undesirable from the standpoint of organic survival, technological functioning, or even staying coherent as something not unlike matter.

To overcome this danger, the mech suits that Dr.s Aoi and Nakimono are wearing, as well as the support struts that the suits are connected to, are all covered in a coating that contains finely ground particles derived from the Ancestral Luggage from their old uuniverse. Whatever the Myrmidonian cases were made of somehow resists cosmic principles, and acts as a barrier to Elemental Transmogrification. This is why the luggage, the cases, can trap a small piece of the original home universe inside them. Of the seven cases that have been opened so far, five of them have been ground to powder to make the coating for the two mech suits and the support armatures.

Both Aoi and Nakimono, as well as a great many others, have struggled with attempting to identify the curious material of the ancenstral cases. So far, it has completely resisted all analysis. It is known that it can be ground up, with great effort, can be broken, with enough force, and that it can be suspended in a substance, such as paint or plastic, to make a coating. The stuff has weight, and mass, and it reflects light. Indeed it reflects all energies studied, and is normally mirror-like. It has no surface friction at all, and it was found that the dull-white ancestral cases had been coated entirely in a ceramic-like material,  just to make them capable of being manipulated at all. But what the odd substance actually is, and how it does what it does, or how it was even made, is utterly unknown.

For lack of any other name, they simply call it Myrmidonium.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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