The Poor Side Of The Cosmos

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The Poor Side Of The Cosmos

January 23rd, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Chatoyanite is most commonly precipitated from the environment through the use of carefully calibrated, monolithic slabs of Concretonic Black. Each slab is precisely measured, as the shape and size of a slab determines what type of Viresium concretonizes upon it. Concretonic Black is a form of ebony stone that is mined from open pits, such as the abandoned mines of Senryoku, the continent where Chartreuse lives.

Chatoyant Blue, because it opposes the pull of Proxikinesion, rises away from the ground as it concretonizes, and must be captured some form of funnel or basket. The other forms of Chatoyanite simply fall to the ground, where they can be collected and carted off for processing. The concretonization of Viresium, also called Chatoyanite, is a very slow process and each monolith stand will only be harvested a handful of times a year. This stand, and the mines around it, have been long abandoned, though impoverished locals will occasionally collect the Viresium here to sell for whatver they can get.

Senryoku was once an important industrial continent, but now only has one operational Chaoyanite processing factory, located on the other side, in the Twiland, the 'bottom' side of the rectangular land. The lone Chatoyanite factory is the major employer in the region, but it is always threatening to close up. Smart people in Senryoku try to find a way to get a job on another continent, which is why Chartreuse is willing to do a five-hour commute every day. She sleeps when she can.  

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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