The Long Dark Bus-Ride Of The Soul

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The Long Dark Bus-Ride Of The Soul

January 22nd, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Blueline Landbusses carry comuters to the Edge Terminals where the various Skybusses,  such as the Orange Senryoku Service shown here, dock. The Orange Line is one of the most successful Skybus companies, and can be seen ferrying passengers and freight to many continents.

The Landbus cars use Chatoyant Blue to float over the land, but the gigantic Skybusses do not need such means. The local equivalent of gravity, Proxikinesion, only exerts pull directly 'above', and 'below' a rectilinear continent,, but has absolutely no effect laterally, to the sides of a continent. Thus the edges of a continent are always in Zero-P. The Skybusses never land, and only dock with terminals.

Riding inside a Skybus, one is constantly in Zero-P, but the older busses still have padded seats, because the customers once expected it, as a matter of quality. The Orange line has a lot of really old busses. New busses just have strap-posts to cling to. Riders strap in to their seats (or to strap-posts) and it can take the equivalent of almost two hours to cross to another continent. So it really is a long commute for poor Chartreuse every day.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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