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To fully grasp this requires reading Unicorn Jelly proper, but I will provide a brief note here. The cosmos of Tryslmaistan is plagued with a strange, presumably natural, extraversal phenomena, a sort of multiversal rainstorm, that passes through every so many tens of thousands of years. The multiversal rainstorm passes through other, random universes like a string of hyperbubbles, and seemingly 'scoops' spherical divots out of those universes, only to deposit these divots on Worldplates in Tryslmaistan. The human population of Tryslmaistan all arrived in this manner, on 101 hemispherical divots of land, from dozens of different time periods in earth history. One of the goals of the Yauro-Tratonic device experiments that caused Stormfall in most splays of Tryslmaistan was to open a gate home to Mundis, and our world, dimly remembered as 'Earthenland'.

We find out now the truth, almost in passing - that no humans ever left our earth. The First People, the original lost earthlings that landed in Tryslmaistan, were matter copies, exact, living replications of earth, imprinted within the hyperbubbles as they passed through our universe, Mundis. The multiversal rain does not steal chunks of other universes, rather it copies them as it passes through. The copies are then dumped, with memories and life intact, in Tryslmaistan.

All humans in Tryslmaistan are the descendants of exact copies of real people from our universe, who remembered a life on earth that they, personally, never had.

This explains, for readers of Unicorn Jelly, why there is no record in earthly history of large divots of land being excised, or of famous places vanishing, leaving only a hemispherical pit.

Finally, I have a place to reveal this little detail. I've waited a very long time.

TO SAVE HER     A Unicorn Jelly Story

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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